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Jewelry Designer Rachel Kett

Rachel's unique style has grown over the last decade, evolving from early linen string necklaces and precious and semi-precious beadwork, to a recent vintage design style, using toe-clips and rhinestone buttons from as far back as the 20's. Her current affair is with Hammered 14 & 18k gold and sterling silver. Rachel's career is as varied as is her jewelry, spending several years as a chef on a live aboard dive boat and being a cook on a private yacht as well as studying as an apprentice woodcarver. Having a Masters in Psychology, Rachel's pursuit of art in all aspects of her life is evident from the way she makes a meal to the symmetry and flair she adds to her jewelry. An accomplished woodcarver and fine furniture builder, Rachel participated in a LOST AT SEA MEMORIAL for the city of Santa Barbara, carving a compass rose which was cast in bronze and laid at the end of the Santa Barbara Breakwater. Having two young daughters, Rachel needed to put the woodcarving tools aside and focus on a smaller tooled craft. She focused her artistic ideas on jewelry, and over the last few years her hobby has turned into a company. Rachel's style features hand hammered gold and silver and a unique variety of precious and semi-precious stones. The reception has been astounding. Her new designs have already been to the Oscars, on various episodes of 'Weekend Getaway' on the Food Network and are featured in upscale advertising and in many quality boutiques in the Southern California area.Contact Rachel for more information on Hammered Hoops and her secret toffee recipe.

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